The Sporting Child: An Osteopathic Overview

7 déc. 2019
8 déc. 2019
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This course explores the role of the Osteopath in the management of the athletic child. Participants will be taken through diagnostic processes, examination techniques and specialist considerations for formulating management plans for this unique demographic.



Topics covered will include:

Physical and physiological differences between the young athlete and the mature adult athlete

The Limping Child

Examination of the sporting child- pGALS protocol (Pediatric Gait Arms Legs Spine)

Common overuse injuries in sporting children and associated red flags

Lumbar spine pathologies in adolescent athletes: identification & management

Mental health of elite young athletes

Injury prevention strategies for adolescent athletes

Identifying ‘Growing Pains’ in active children (benign idiopathic nocturnal limb pains of childhood) vs. red flag pathologies

The Sporting Child: How much is too much? Preventing overtraining and burnout

Patello-femoral pain syndrome: identification, examination & treatment options

Concussion protocols for children involved in contact sports


Gaunt Arabella

Arabella Gaunt qualified as an Osteopath from the BSO with distinction in 2011 and completed her Paediatric diploma at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in 2013. Following this she gained an MSc in Sports Medicine from QMUL.

She currently teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate students at the UCO where she is a Clinical Teaching Fellow. Arabella runs a list in the UCO Children’s clinic as a tutor and also leads the UCO Sports Clinic. She also works in private practice where she treats a mixture of adults and children.

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